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        Serge Nivelle launched his career in Paris and London as an editorial fashion photographer. He later established his name in NYC with such iconoclastic campaigns as the controversial Mary Quant cosmetics ads and the ground-breaking Wool Bureau/American Vogue editorial collaborations.

        He has continued on this successful track photographing catalogs and magazine ads and producing and directing commercials for major department stores and fashion retailers.

In 1987 Serge opened Serge Nivelle Studio.

        Serge Nivelle Studio specializes in fashion advertising through print, web and television.  The list of clients includes national retailers for whom SNS has been the lead studio for web and catalog.  SNS has earned its reputation by successfully balancing high-volume on-and off-figure photography with creative integrity.

       In addition to photographic services SNS offers art direction, account management, casting, production, retouching, digital image management and merchandise coordination.

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